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Bleeping Bunny Hunt 3 – Highlights 11-20

Published September 11, 2015 by Angel Nider

Good Friday morning hunters.  What a great way to start the weekend with that @!$%^ Bunny hunt.  This morning I am highlighting the next 10 stops.  Now, I did not mention in the previous post but a lot of these stores have prizes in their decoys, so makes it a little worth the swearing you will do finding the gift.  This is a 1l hunt and once again LMs and hints can be found here: http://evilbunnyhunt.blogspot.com/p/hunt-hints_7.html.

So, see you next round of crazy and enjoy.

shaescreationsShae’s Creations

fairyangelcreationsFairey Angel Creations

toxichighToxic High

ppiiPetite Plunder & Immortals Inspirations

naughtynaughtyNaughty Naughty

thferret&hedgieThe Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee

omgincOMG Inc


Bleeping Bunny Hunt 3 ~ JUST STARTED

Published September 4, 2015 by Angel Nider

Yes it is that time again for the Bleeping Bunny.  He has been running around hiding gifts for your hunting pleasure.  Easy Hunt you ask?? No.  You will be swearing profusely throughout but those gifts so worth it.  This is a 1l hunt. It runs from September 3rd through September 30th.  Many hunt sponsors have group gifts, mini hunts on sim and special prizes inside the decoys.  There are about 40 stops.  Today, I shall highlight stores #1 through 10.   The hint page can be found here with the LMs.  http://evilbunnyhunt.blogspot.com/p/hunt-hints_7.html

So let us begin this crazy journey and see you next post.


Snapshot_002grumble Grumble


CNC&N Designs

veromoderoVero Modero

Snapshot_002 platypusLOoLOo’s & Platypus    (Annoy t-shirt main gift and others shown are part of the decoy gifts including that cute head band)

xlcreationsXL Creations

artistshedThe Artist Shed

meshglamMesh Glam (cute bracelet)

chianaoh Chiana Oh

decoradollDecora Doll

The Beached Bunny Hunt: Stores 34-42 Highlights

Published July 19, 2015 by Angel Nider

Good morning Beached Bunny hunters.  I normally would do this highlight on Friday but a lil thing called the Hair Fair had me tied up.  My posts for the next few weeks will be showing all the freebie hair that is now pushed my inventory limits skyward. I am wearing a freebs today Mithral and my cute kitty whiskers and nose are from Oleander, another hair fair freebs.

But, enough about hair back to this hunt.  This is a 1l hunt (see my previous post on details).  I am highlighting stops 34-42.  Almost done with this hunt and if you haven’t started yet time is ticking down so might want to get on it.  Enjoy and see you next post.

Snapshot_089wafflez35 WAFFLEZ

Snapshot_089shadyladiesSnapshot_08937 Shady Ladies  (the top and bikini)

Snapshot_090paisleydaisy38 Paisley Daisy

Snapshot_090ravnous41 Ravnous

Snapshot_09042 PB Designs

The Beached Bunny Hunt 5: Store Highlights 17-30

Published July 10, 2015 by Angel Nider

Good Friday Morning fellow hunters.  I hit the hunt trail early this morning to bring you more goodies from The Beached Bunny Hunt 5.  Missed my previous post with the goodies, pages and details? Never fear it is located here: https://mojosangel.wordpress.com/2015/07/03/the-beached-bunny-hunt-5/

Quick sum up if you don’t want to go read about it: This is a 1l hunt with tons of goodies and great stores.  1l!!! how could you pass this up.

So here are my current highlights and no I am not showing them all but all are great (you will just have to go pick them up to see).  So until the next post see you out there!

Snapshot_087FERRETANDHO18 The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee

Snapshot_08722 X-Clusives Animations


20~Mesh Glam~  (the necklace)

25 BLASPHEMIC  (top)

Snapshot_088gatorsgallery23 Gator’s Gallery


26 <P3> Pixel Perfect Productions  (cute sunglasses and hat)

Snapshot_088c&F28 Cog & Fleur

Snapshot_088omg30 OMG! Inc.


27 Firelight Creations   (beach towel)


24 Head Desk  (hair and hat)

The Beached Bunny Hunt 5

Published July 3, 2015 by Angel Nider

The Beached Bunny has gotten himself into a real mess. Too many peeps for Easter and now his fat behind is wedged in the sand and he can’t get out! To help him escape his sandy trap, and prevent a bad sunburn, find the beach pails at stores all over SL to help dig him out. The Beached Bunny is a fun summer hunt -use the blog to work your way along the path and keep digging! Be sure to grab your pail and shovel at the starting point and use the blog for fun hints and info! 15 sponsors start off the hunt, so get your hunting shoes ready! That’s right folks The Beached Bunny Hunt 5 has begun.  This is a 1l hunt with tons of great goodies set to get you ready for that pool party.  It runs from today until the 31st so get ready for those goodies.  This post I am highlighting first 16 stops. A few lil particulars out of the way:  my hair is from TRUTH HAIR discount room for 50l and my skin old group gift from 7Deadly skins. So on with the hunt. Snapshot_087Snapshot_088Here is what you are looking for a lil pail. Hint page with lms found here:  http://evilbunnyhunt.blogspot.com/p/hunt-hints_7.html. Snapshot_089And at your first stop there is a lil mini hunt as well at Grumble. Snapshot_090grumble1 Grumble (this is the main gift) Snapshot_093 Snapshot_092 Snapshot_091 Snapshot_090 And these are some of the goodies from the mini hunt at Grumble. Snapshot_095looloo3 LOoLOo’s & Platypus     Snapshot_095veromodero5 Vero Modero Snapshot_095petiteplunder 8 Petite Plunder & Immortals Inspirations (PP&II) Snapshot_095naughtynaughty9 Naughty Naughty   Snapshot_095kellikreations10 Kelli Kreations   Snapshot_095facepalm11 Facepalm Snapshot_095babygirlinc12 Baby Girl Inc.   Snapshot_095prey13 PREY   Snapshot_095heydra14 HEYDRA Snapshot_095AB16 Aniri’s Boutique     So until next post, enjoy hunting!!

The Evil Bunny Hunt 5

Published April 3, 2015 by Angel Nider

Yep it is time for that Evil Bunny.  Now this hunt is so awesome but you have a short time, only until the 15th so no dragging your feet on this one.  I decided this go round I would separate the nice from the naughty.  Never done this hunt??? Well for 1l how could you not.  Now some stores just are doing nice or naughty and some do both.  The Hint list (http://evilbunnyhunt.blogspot.com/p/hunt-hints_7.html) does list nice, naughty or both.  Below is some highlights from #1-11 stores (nice)

So let’s get this started.  First off starting point is at Grumble and what a beautiful sim.  I am always astounded on the beauty of this sim as it ever changes.  So the first thing that rezzed was this:

Snapshot_074 That bunny taunting me from the start.  I then always make my way to the hint boards that looks like this:

Snapshot_075 Now I highly encourage clicking this board at Grumble because this is what you get for FREE:

Snapshot_077 Look at those adorable ears which you will see in my hunt piccies.   Nothing gets me more in the mood for a hunt than dressing for the theme.

So here is the nice lil egg you are looking for:


Now since I wanted to get the beginnings out of the way my first is just a highlight of just beginning of these stores.  There are 70+ stops so might want to hop on over to Grumble and get started soon.  Here is your ride: Blueberry Dufour


Chair – Grumble

Outfit – Sky


Cuddle rug (singles or couples included) – Loks


Picture – Finishing Touches


Pants – Kaithleen’s


Dress – Vero Modero


Outfit – LOoLOo’s Platypus  

Stupid Cupid Hunt 3—Time is Almost Up

Published February 13, 2015 by Angel Nider

You only have a couple more days before this hunt ends, so you still have time.  This is my last highlight post for this hunt, time goes so quick on a good hunt. See my previous two posts on this hunt for the other highlights.  The LMs and Hints are here: http://evilbunnyhunt.blogspot.com/p/hunt-hints_7.html.

So enjoy and Happy V-Day weekend to all.

Snapshot_009amazingcreationsAmazing Creations

Snapshot_009libbytulipsLibbytulips Sparkle Fashion

Snapshot_009unitediandmysticdragonUnited InshCon (little cupid) and Mystic Dragon Designs (outfit)

Snapshot_009fiscfreationsFi’s Creations


Snapshot_009vengefulthreadsVengeful Threads

Playing Around with That Stupid Cupid

Published February 6, 2015 by Angel Nider

So here is my 2nd post in my 3 part series on this hunt. Yep I decided to break it up into 3 parts.  So what are the details on this hunt, glad you asked.  It is a free hunt with 60+ stops.  Downside to this hunt, only runs 15 days so no putting it off.  Before I show my next goodie highlights getting a few of them details out of the way.  My skin is the current group gift from  7 Deadly s{K}ins.

Hair is from Catwa and those shoes, well those shoes are totally cute and I currently refuse to take them off.  Those are from the Sex Sells Gacha event from P3.  They are the rare item but 50l a try total bargain.  See my post on that event here:  https://mojosangel.wordpress.com/2015/01/31/sex-sells-gacha-my-nerdy-valentine/.

So here is the page for the LMs and hints for the Stupid Cupid Hunt and see you out there: http://evilbunnyhunt.blogspot.com/p/hunt-hints_7.html


Lok’s Low Prim Furniture (heart frames)

Stitches Creations (Chair)

The Phoenix Collections (outfit)

Snapshot_009inkheartInkheart (eyes, more than one set)

Snapshot_009ferretandhedgieThe Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee

Snapshot_009bbarbiestyleB Barbie Style


Snapshot_009vipcreationsVips Creations

Snapshot_009kelliskreationsKelli Kreations

Snapshot_009petiteplunderPetite Plunder & Immortals Inspirations

Snapshot_009perfectseductionPerfect Seduction


7 Deadly s{K}ins (four different lipsticks)


Snapshot_011 Snapshot_009blessedbe

)0( Blessed Be )0( 

Snapshot_009offthewallOff the Wall

Snapshot_009blackholesunBlack Hole Sun

The Stupid Cupid Hunt 3 Begins

Published February 1, 2015 by Angel Nider

Yep that evil bunny has emerged for Valentines Day.  Never done an evil bunny hunt? You are missing out then. This free hunt has 64 stops and amazing stores.  Now I have just started this but remember this one only runs 15 days so no procrastination.

Also with this post I am showing some group gift goodies.  My skin is from 7 Deadly s{K}ins group gift and my hair is one of the many group gifts out at Little Bones.

My shoes are from the Sex Sells Gacha event from P3. This was the rare gift and at 50l a try whata steal.

So, on with the hunt details so far.

Snapshot_001This is the sign and the arrow is your target.

Snapshot_004grumble1. Grumble

Snapshot_004sky#3 Sky (main gift)

Now with Sky their actual decoy prizes are some really cool outfits.  Here are those:

Snapshot_007 Snapshot_006 Snapshot_005 Snapshot_004

Snapshot_008toxichigh#5 *Toxic*H*

Snapshot_008#8 OMG! Inc.

Now if you didn’t read my post on the Sex Sells Gacha here is a close up of those shoes from P3.


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