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Peace on Earth–Time is Ticking Down

Published December 26, 2014 by Angel Nider

Time is running out if you have not started this hunt.  If you start today you can do it all, I have confidence in you.  So I am showing off a few more.  See my previous posts for other stops along the way.  Also, I am highlighting a few other goodies I picked up along the way.

First, my poses are from Just Posing. They are having a New Beginnings hunt.  4 prizes at 0l can’t beat it.  Amia

My Jewelry I picked up for free while doing the Megastuff hunt from JCNY.  See the page for this humongous hunt here:  http://womenstuff.stuff-sl.com/hunters/.  This one ends 1/2 so get on this one as well.

My skin I got from Dulce Secrets under their Christmas tree as well as the eyes for 1l.  Dulce Secrets

My hair from Collabor88 from Exile.

So here are some more from this hunt. Enjoy and see you on the trail.

Snapshot_222bitsyb068. Bitsy Boutique

Snapshot_222roa069. ROA Fashion

Snapshot_222rachelscloset070. Rachel’s Closet

Snapshot_222sweetteacouture071. Sweet Tea Couture (leggings)

Snapshot_228 Snapshot_223 Snapshot_222hueareyou072. “Hue Are You?”

Snapshot_222tuttifrutti073. TuttiFrutti




Sunday Morning with Peace on Earth and Collabor88

Published December 21, 2014 by Angel Nider

So after getting a few more gifties for the POE hunt I decided I would pop into Collabor88 and well the result was buying half the place.  So all my pics this morning incorporate what I picked up there including that just adorable hair. My poses are from Collabor88 from Marukin. So after I show off the POE hunt items I will show you a close up of the Collabor88 goodies.

So next line up for the POE hunt this morning is as follows.  I really enjoy this hunt every year and will be sad when it is over.

Snapshot_222beautifuldeluxe011. Beautiful Deluxe Cosmetics (eyes)

That cute hair from Tableau Vivant with the animated bunnies and non-animated at Collabor88.

Snapshot_223lyricalbizarre012. Lyrical B!zarre Templates

Snapshot_222omginc013. OMG! Inc

Snapshot_222zanze014. Zanze

Snapshot_222zoz016. -{ZOZ}- (nail polish for Slink hands and Feet)

Snapshot_222nyas017. Nya’s Shop

Snapshot_222vogue018. VoguE Fashion Pulse (bracelets)

Snapshot_222kl039. KL Couture

Snapshot_222alb040. ALB Dream Fashion (Not showing all the other great parts to this outfit including shoes)

Snapshot_222gdit019. GDit Jewelry (ring)

Snapshot_222arisaris041. ArisAris

And now some close ups on the Collabor88 goodies. Here is your ride: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/8%208/88/204/1088

Snapshot_222secondspacesSecond spaces


Snapshot_222trompeloeilTrompe Loeil

Snapshot_222scarletcreativeScarlet Creative

Time to Search for More Peace on Earth

Published December 19, 2014 by Angel Nider

Today starts my Christmas vacation so that means I can now finally work more on this great hunt.  This morning I am highlighting just a few more but before we begin must get the lil particulars out of the way.  First, my hair was a freebie (YAY Free hair) from the advent calendar at Emo-tions (lm below) made by Analog Dog.  My eyes as always from Dark Matter and my Skin from Panda Punx and that great tattoo from Letis.  Now my eyes, skin and tat were not free but worth it.  So on with the hunt and see you with more goodies soon.

Snapshot_193chopzuey004. Chop Zuey

Snapshot_193zuri005. Zuri Jewelry

Snapshot_193emotions006. EMO-tions

Snapshot_193snowpaws007. Snowpaws

Snapshot_193danielle008. Styles By Danielle

Snapshot_194vintagejewels009. VINTAGE Jewels

Snapshot_194baboom010. Baboom Couture

Early Morning Hunting looking for Peace on Earth

Published December 12, 2014 by Angel Nider

Good morning hunters. Time to bring you more from this great hunt.  We are almost to the half way point in the month that this hunt runs so if you haven’t started might want to think about getting on that soon.  Below I am showing some more lovelies from this free hunt.  My hair is from Truth (I picked up during a huge sale) and I am also wearing a new tattoo I obtained from Letis on MP.  So on with the goodies and see you on the hunt.


Snapshot_136afidwarfin027. AFI Designs (dress) and 024. Dwarfins (lamp post)

Snapshot_136topazia025. TOPAZIA (dress and doves) and 026. Pixel Perfect Productions (shoes)

Snapshot_136prism023. Prism Designs

Snapshot_136paisleydaisy022. Paisley Daisy

Snapshot_136sassy021. Sassy!

TGIF Peace On Earth Hunters

Published December 5, 2014 by Angel Nider

Yayyy it is Friday.  Weekend is upon us meaning more time to hunt down these great gifts from the Peace on Earth hunt.   Haven’t started yet?  No worries this hunt runs until January so you have time.  Below are some more goodies and I actually did a few in order (blame the extra coffee I had).  My hair is from Truth (huge sale) and my eyes are from Dark Matter (loving me some 20l eyes).  My poses I picked up at the OMG Room event from Verocity.  The hunt list for the Peace on Earth hunt (if you didn’t already have it) can be found here:  http://peaceonearthsl.com/poe7-hunt-list/.

So have fun and see you on the trail.

Snapshot_126mohnalisac028. Mohna Lisa Couture and shoes (if you didn’t see my previous post) 026. Pixel Perfect Productions

Snapshot_126saschasdesigns029. Sascha’s Designs

Snapshot_126shinebyzd030. shine by [ZD]

Snapshot_126shoenique031. Shoenique Designs

Snapshot_126dinasdesigns032. Dina’s Design

Snapshot_126masoom034. [[ Masoom ]]

Snapshot_126zencreations035. Zen Creations

Snapshot_126glamdreams036. Glam Dreams

Snapshot_126dellybeams037. Dellybeams Gem Gallery

Good Morning Peace On Earth Hunters

Published December 4, 2014 by Angel Nider

It’s time to show off some more goodies from this free hunt.  As much as I have shown I am still not even half way done and exciting still.  My hair (love me some hair) is free from LeLutke.  As a group member they had a ton of gifties out at the store.  My skin is as previously posted from Dulce Secrets.  So on with the show.

Snapshot_105innuendo043. INNUENDO Italian Style

Snapshot_105hasi095. Hasi’s

Snapshot_105bandt061. B&T Atelier Mesh Studio

Snapshot_1051hundred020. 1 Hundred

Snapshot_105concharisma113. Con Charisma

Snapshot_105ze014. Zanze

Snapshot_105flowerdreams089. Flowerdreams by Nile Karas

Snapshot_105parismetro115. Paris Metro Couture

And now to show you the shoes I was wearing (shoes rank up there with hair for me).  Behold the cute Christmas shoes you couldn’t see (and yes I wear the high heels even with jogging suits).

Snapshot_110026. Pixel Perfect Productions

Snapshot_105shushu064. ShuShu

This includes the hair as well (HAIR)


See you next time hunters.

Peace On Earth Hunt: Starting at the Beginning Stores 1-3

Published December 3, 2014 by Angel Nider

So since I have been kinda bouncing around on this hunt I decided to go check out some of the first stops.  I love Christmas and I love exploring stores and how they decorate.  The first stop is the Welcome Center where you will pick up some ice skates with the animation.  Now I would normally show more than 3 stores but behold Liv Glam stop had FIVE globes so that is where I decided to stop this post.  My hair is from *Milk* (when there was a huge sale), Skin from Dulce Secrets (see post on the POE gift from them) and my eyes from Dark Matter (20l for any color eye set you might want). Enjoy this hunt and have fun. See you next post.

Snapshot_001w000. POE7 Landing Point

Snapshot_007bosl001. BOSL

Snapshot_399kcodeskirt-pmtop002. PurpleMoon Creations for the top and 042. K-CODE for the skirt

Snapshot_026p Snapshot_025p Snapshot_018p Snapshot_015p Snapshot_007p003. LivGlam (Five gifts)

Peace on Earth Hunt has Begun!!

Published December 1, 2014 by Angel Nider

Today this great hunt started.  Now if you are new to this hunt its free and massive. There are 117 amazing designers and over the coming weeks I will bring you as many of these as I can possible send out.  Now if you are new to my blog I am a hunt freak and tend to show all the items I can, providing my time restraints.   Normally I would go in order but I think I will just skip around.  So stay tuned for more to come. Now don’t want to wait for me to show them all with LMs—–here is the site with the listing:  http://peaceonearthsl.com/poe7-hunt-list/

Now if you read the paragraph before you will see there are no hunt hints with this listing but it’s a little globe and enjoy exploring each store to find it.

My hair in all posts is from my recent Black Friday shopping spree at Olive.

So without further ado let’s get started.

First up I am showing the Dulce Secrets giftie as in the following pics I am still wearing the skin gift.

Snapshot_404 Snapshot_403dulce So you not only get the dress but the eyes, make-up and skin.

038. Dulce Secrets

Snapshot_399bluemoonenterprisesThen we have this adorable outfit from BlueMoon Enterprises.

053. BlueMoon Enterprise

Snapshot_399chicFor those cold nights from Chic.

059. Chic

Snapshot_399sage 049. Sage

Snapshot_399unique111. UniQue BoutiQue

See you next post 🙂


Another Sneak Peek at PO7 Hunt Item From Les Sucreries de fairy

Published November 28, 2014 by Angel Nider

Below is just another sneak peak at this up and coming hunt.  The Peace on Earth Hunt is a free hunt and extremely huge.   In the picture is also the skin gift from Dulce Secrets and eyes from Inkheart.  Have no fear each of those will have their own separate lil blurbs and close ups in the upcoming posts from this hunt as will then I will also post lms and such.

I am highlighting a Black Friday deal from Olive as well, who currently have all hairs marked way down.

Stay tuned from much more to come on this great Hunt starting December 1st.


Outfit:  Les Sucreries de fairy (hunt gift POE7)

Skin:  Dulce Secrets (hunt gift from POE7)

Eyes:  Inkheart (hunt gift from POE7)

Peace on Earth 7 Hunt Coming Up

Published November 28, 2014 by Angel Nider

So starting Monday the biggest hunt of Winter returns.  The Peace on Earth hunt is a huge hunt and one I always enjoy doing during my Christmas break from work.   It runs December 1st through January 6.  I am extremely honored to be a blogger for this event this year and thank the organizers very much for this.  This hunt will showcase many well known designers as well as new ones you may not know about.  The gifts will range from clothes, shoes, shapes, skins, furniture and so on.  I am going to show you a little preview of what is coming and as the hunt progresses I will show you all items to be found.  The line up list and hints will be posted soon and when it does I will post that as well for you.  As a side note as it is Black Friday I went and got the below listed hair from Damselfly for Black Friday sales galore.  All three items listed below are gifts from this hunt.  Enjoy this hunt and see you on the trail.



Outfit:   Bubblez Style – Frozen Bubblez , Lomendor  (250, 23, 2510)

Shape:   Ample Avi – Full Figure Shapes, Pryeri (46, 197, 35)

Shoes: Lindy Modern and Retro shoes  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mieville%20Twain/209/168/22

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