The Evil Bunny Hunt 5: Part 2 of the Nice List

Published April 4, 2015 by Angel Nider

This morning I did some more on the ole evil Bunny hunt list.  See my previous post for highlights from the start.  This morning I am showing highlights from stores #12-46.  This is such an awesome 1l hunt. This is the nice list just as a reminder.  So without further rambling on with the show.  Hint List page with LMs is here: Please note the ears in all pics are FREE at Grumble.

See you next round.

Snapshot_078vipcreationsVIP Creations

Snapshot_078pixelcreationsPixel Creations

Snapshot_078theartistshedThe Artist Shed

Snapshot_078naughtynaughtyNaughty Naughty

Snapshot_078evakiEvaki (this outfit comes in many variations)

Snapshot_078petiteplunderPetite Plunder (rug)

Snapshot_078lessucreriesdefairyles sucreries de Fairy

Snapshot_078blackholesunBlack Hole Sun

Snapshot_078offthewallOff the Wall

Snapshot_078libbytulipssparkleLibbytulips Sparkle Fashion

Snapshot_078firelightcreationsFirelight Creations & MAN STUFF

Snapshot_078adorablystrangewaresAdorably Strange Wares

Snapshot_078stitchescreationsStitches Creations

Snapshot_078tdeadlyskins7 Deadly s{K}ins




The Evil Bunny Hunt 5

Published April 3, 2015 by Angel Nider

Yep it is time for that Evil Bunny.  Now this hunt is so awesome but you have a short time, only until the 15th so no dragging your feet on this one.  I decided this go round I would separate the nice from the naughty.  Never done this hunt??? Well for 1l how could you not.  Now some stores just are doing nice or naughty and some do both.  The Hint list ( does list nice, naughty or both.  Below is some highlights from #1-11 stores (nice)

So let’s get this started.  First off starting point is at Grumble and what a beautiful sim.  I am always astounded on the beauty of this sim as it ever changes.  So the first thing that rezzed was this:

Snapshot_074 That bunny taunting me from the start.  I then always make my way to the hint boards that looks like this:

Snapshot_075 Now I highly encourage clicking this board at Grumble because this is what you get for FREE:

Snapshot_077 Look at those adorable ears which you will see in my hunt piccies.   Nothing gets me more in the mood for a hunt than dressing for the theme.

So here is the nice lil egg you are looking for:


Now since I wanted to get the beginnings out of the way my first is just a highlight of just beginning of these stores.  There are 70+ stops so might want to hop on over to Grumble and get started soon.  Here is your ride: Blueberry Dufour


Chair – Grumble

Outfit – Sky


Cuddle rug (singles or couples included) – Loks


Picture – Finishing Touches


Pants – Kaithleen’s


Dress – Vero Modero


Outfit – LOoLOo’s Platypus  

Biker’s Choice Fair Going On Now

Published March 19, 2015 by Angel Nider

Going on now is the Biker’s Choice Fair. Now what initially drew me to this event was free hair from Catwa (shown below) and then I began to find other goodies sprinkled around.  So rev up your bike and get down there.

Here is your ride: Biker’s Choice Fair 

Snapshot_052 Snapshot_050

Hair – Catwa (free)

Outfit and Jewelry – Indyra

Boots – Shey (free)

Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair

Published March 15, 2015 by Angel Nider

So today I took a break from hunting to do my 2nd favorite thing——play some Gachas.  This is a huge Gacha Fair and tons of stuff.  Below I am highlighting just a few.

Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair - 2015

There are the details and here is your ride:



Hair – Damselfly (rare)

Outfit – Sakide

Pose – Nantra (rare)

Eyes – Dark Matter (not in this event I just love their eyes)


Horns – TLB

Hair – Damselfly


Wings – Supernatural


Lil wings – Epic


Dragon Fly Wings neon – 7MadRavens


Complete outfit, jewelry and shoes – Glitzz


Hood – Grumble

Snapshot_044 Snapshot_043

Sayings bubbles – Grumble


Weathered A-Frame – Perch (rare)


Twisted Hunt: Spectres My First Set of Highlights

Published March 13, 2015 by Angel Nider

Even for people who love hunts like me the Twisted Hunts will test your patience.  I have been all consumed with the latest Twisted Hunt (hence no hunt or store posties for a week). Now if you have never done a Twisted Hunt it is a free hunt and the prizes are so awesome. Most stores even have Gachas, side hunts, mazes and other freebs in correlation with the hunt.  The down side? It will absolutely drive you completely insane.  There are no hints, well some stores will give you a little hint if you are lucky, but in most cases you are looking for a little block and what do most stores do???? They put out 100 or more so you are constantly clicking boxes.  If you are in a hurry this is not the hunt for you.  If you succeed the gifts are wonderful.

This time around the theme is Spectres.  There are 82ish stops and an end game.   Am I done with this hunt?? Far from it but I will show you some of the goods I picked up so far.

Here is the participating merchants page:

Good luck! (You will need it)

Snapshot_040sog1Secrets of Gaia

Snapshot_040SE~*Souzou Eien*~

Snapshot_040michiganshackMiChIGaN’s ShAcK!



Snapshot_040sweetrevolutions~*Sweet Revolutions*~

Snapshot_040strawberryboxThe Strawberry Box

Snapshot_040finishingtouches*Finishing Touches*

Snapshot_040dekutedekDekute Dekore



Snapshot_041snatch Snapshot_040

Sn@tch (makeup and eyes)

Snapshot_041chaospanicdisorderChaos, Panic, & Disorder


Snapshot_041darkwaterdesignsDark Water Designs

Snapshot_041vengefulthreadsVengeful Threads

Snapshot_041seddyscreationsSeddy’s Creations

Snapshot_041darkfaeThe Dark Fae

Snapshot_041arcadiahorns.Arcadia. (horns)

Snapshot_041lepLove Everlasting PlantPets

Snapshot_041hearthandhomeHearth & Home


Snapshot_041adorablystrangewaresAdorably Strange Wares

Who’s Who Hunt

Published March 6, 2015 by Angel Nider

If you are a Dr. Who fan this is the hunt for you.  It is a 1l hunt and tons of cool Dr. Who items and a sponsor maze at the end.  I am just showing a few of the items, not all, below.  Here is the page with LMs and hints.




Snapshot_034dandyandnikiDandy and Niki Creations

Snapshot_034wwhdarkmatterDark Matter

Snapshot_034beyondpersuasiondBeyond Persuasion Design

Snapshot_034chateaudespritChateau d’Esprit

Snapshot_034risinghysteriaRising Hysteria

Snapshot_034lwsandharambeeEyes Lone Wolf Studio and Necklace Harambee

Snapshot_034toxichighToxic High

Snapshot_034loolooplatLOoLOo’s & Platypus

Wardrobe Revival Hunt at Venomous Designs

Published March 1, 2015 by Angel Nider

So it is March 1st and so starts awesome hunts.  First up on my list is a free store hunt at Venomous Designs.  Here is their blurb: This is a fun, spring-themed event. Spring cleaning is about renewing your home. The Wardrobe Revival Hunt is all about renewing your closet! Enjoy light, fun fashions including Slink and Omega appliers, shoes, accessories and poses to show them all off in! There are 26ish free items and super easy to find.  Below I am showing just a few.  Not shown are the Omego/Physique items and nails.   This was fun and great additions to my inventory.

Here is the LM: Bay City – Handa Enjoy!! Snapshot_033 Snapshot_032 Snapshot_031 Snapshot_030 Snapshot_029 Snapshot_028 Snapshot_027

Perfect Seduction Presents The Find Your Wild Side Hunt

Published February 21, 2015 by Angel Nider

This is a free hunt brought to you by Perfect Seduction.  There are currently two hunts for them now so stay tuned for the next one I do in the future.  This hunt has about 16 participants and I am highlighting just a few below.

First off getting a few particulars out of the way.  My skin is from 7Deadly Skins, hair from Tableau Vivant (group giftie) and the nail polish is actually a gift from this hunt from Nail Me.

So on with the piccies.  The LM list with hints can be found here:

So, enjoy and see you on the hunt.

Snapshot_025PSPerfect Seduction




Snapshot_025forsakenfallsForsaken Falls (coat)




Snapshot_025lwsLone Wolf Studio (eyes)


Snapshot_025celticcreationsCeltic Creations


Snapshot_025sowSeason Of Wonders

Snapshot_025layersLayers @ Pure Seduction Mall (jeans)

Wild White Hunt

Published February 17, 2015 by Angel Nider

All white! NOTE: here will be no LANDMARKS in this hunt. Hunters must visit the blog and use the SLURLs provided there or visit the Stop #01 for a complete SLURL list.  This is a 1l hunt with 20 stops.  I am highlighting them below.  This was a fun quick hunt with amazing gifts.  The page with hints and LMs can be found here:

Before I show my pics from this hunt here are some other particulars.

My Hair:  SLFO gift from Like Design found here:

My Skin is the February group gift from 7Deadly Skins found here:  7 Deadly s{K}ins.

Eyes from Dark Matter found here:  􀀌

So here is the hunt goodies! Enjoy.

Snapshot_025missjewellMiss Jewell

Snapshot_025ayvasatticAyvas Attic

Snapshot_025jlzfashionJLZ Fashion




Snapshot_025feylinefashionsFeyline Fashion

Snapshot_025fiscreationsFis Creations


Snapshot_025amazingcreationsAmazing Creations



Snapshot_025seasonsofwonderSeasons of Wonder

Snapshot_025bbarbiestyleB Barbie Style

Snapshot_025harambeeHarambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop

Snapshot_025elegancebyelysaElegance by Elysa

Snapshot_025veronicassecretVeronicas Closet

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