Dirty Diva Hunt

This is a free hunt with 52 spots Anything girly applies… clothing, jewelry, shoes, and accessories!  Below is just highlights from the first 20 stops I have done.  Of note the first giftie from Divalicious includes the hair as a gift too!  Here is the blog with the information: http://sweetthanghunts.blogspot.ca/


Snapshot_1495divaliciousDivaliciousSnapshot_1495dirtylaundryDirty Laundry


Snapshot_1495SAHSAHSnapshot_1495cheekychibiCheeky Chibi

Snapshot_1495deadlymouseDeadly MouseSnapshot_1495corruptedCorrupted

Snapshot_1495mochistylesMochi StylesSnapshot_1495bump&coBump&Co

Lyfe of Style Featuring ABL

Lyfe of Style for those that havent been yet have great 75L deals for men, women and children! Make sure you check out this week’s fashion before they disappear again on Monday night!  Below I am showing ABL’s selection for this week at 75l who can say no to this hot little number.  Here is your ride: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Photos/202/23/3002



GRUMBLE at Krave Inc. Summer Bash

This event runs from August 10th to the 25th and I am highlighting Grumble.  Now if you still haven’t been to the Grumble sim or experienced any of their hunts or events what are you waiting for.  Their prices are always uber low and items are quality high.  Below they are offering the bikini, more than one color, those hot looking shoes, panda necklace and earrings.  I decided to try my new Ploom Hair from Fantasy Gatcha to show off this hot bikini.   Here is your ride to Krave http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/DStyle%20Sanctuary%20Inc/130/129/28



Getting Wet with Grumble

Need a little break from the Bleeping Bunny Hunt??? Want some very nice clothes and even shoes??? Then head to Grumble for a mini sim hunt.  Haven’t been to Grumble before? I don’t know why this is a very beautiful sim with tons of deals, Midnight Manias and more.  So, on with this hunt.  This is a 1l hunt.


20 rafts with male and female gifties so bring that man along.  Below I am showing just a few of the gifties and even got a few Lucky Chair gifties while hunting.  Here is the blog: http://grumblesl.blogspot.com/  See you on the hunt.


Snapshot_1472 Snapshot_1471 Snapshot_1470 Snapshot_1469 Snapshot_1468 Snapshot_1467 Snapshot_1466 Snapshot_1465

Going Bleeping Crazy Day 3

Has this hunt driven you nuts yet????  It can be crazy but the gifts are so worth it.  So below are my next round of gifties along with another 35l hair from the Magika retirement sale.  So on with the cuteness.


Snapshot_1456Top from Grumble and pants from Cynners


Snapshot_1458VIP creations comes with several tops and pants and shoes

Snapshot_1459VIPSnapshot_1460Fis Creations

Snapshot_1461B!astaSnapshot_1462Les Sucreries de fairy

Snapshot_1463Evolving Pixels

50l Friday at Plastik

Now I know you are saying but Angel it is Saturday. Yeah hunting made me lose track of time but these are still out for now at Plastik.  Its two huge collections at 50l each.  There are a ton of outfits and the horns and piercings.  So since it is Saturday I suggest rushing over.  Also my hair is from the LNS designs from another hunt, the Sinners Goth Hunt, which I hope to post one day.  Here is your ride: Plastik.


Bleeping Bunny Hunt Sponsor Store Sky

Now I am not sure if you knew this but the Sponsor stores have extras on this hunt.  This post is on Sky.  Now when you get there they have a whole corner just for this hunt.  This includes gatcha, special MM board and even a special gift which is a 100l gift card.


On top of the gift for this hunt the decoys even have gifties.  How exciting is that. Nothing worse then hitting a decoy and getting nothing but that failure feel.  So with that being said, below are the gifties I picked up.  I took the special gift card and got those awesome black pants to show the tops off. Enjoy this little side extra.