Early Morning Sugar Rush with the Candy Girl Hunt

Published September 21, 2014 by Angel Nider

This is a free hunt (see my previous posts).  Still haven’t started it yet??? What are you waiting for??? Below are just some sugary goodies from this hunt.  See you on the hunt.

Snapshot_016blahblahblahblah.BLAH.blah (top paired with the D&G leggings)

Snapshot_016omgincOMG! Inc.


Snapshot_016squishSquish Designs (cute gummy collar)

Snapshot_016sweettemptationsSweet Temptations


Snapshot_017 Snapshot_016languisette

:.L’Anguisette Skins  (3 different lipcolors and a lollypop for your butt)

NowStart2Create Store Hunt Once Upon a Time

Published September 20, 2014 by Angel Nider

This is a 1l hunt.  You are looking for 7 books for women and 3 for men (can’t leave those men out).  For this set of photos I went to the beautiful The Looking Glass Sim which can be found here:  The Looking Glass.  My Hair is from Clawtooth at the Arcade.  My shoes are freebs from the Candy Girl Hunt from Mochi styles. Poses from Ploom.  Here is where you start and see you on the hunt: Increta

Snapshot_013 Snapshot_012 Snapshot_011 Snapshot_010 Snapshot_009 Snapshot_008

More Sugar with the Candy Girl Hunt

Published September 20, 2014 by Angel Nider

Here are the next batch of free goodies from this hunt.  See my previous post on this great hunt.  Hair and poses from Ploom.  Hints and such found here:  http://sweetthanghunts.wix.com/sweetthanghunts#!hunt-hints/c1utw

phatbottomgirlsPhat Bottom Girls

wicked* WICKED *

 deadlymouseDeadly Mouse

mochistylesMochi Styles

tekilacandyTEKILA CANDY

Snapshot_006whispereddreamsWhispered Dreams

Snapshot_006baciandd&G***baci village*** for the top and D&G Fashions for those cute leggings which come in several choices.

Snapshot_006See how cute are those.

Snapshot_007wciWCI (non-slink shoes with another D&G leggings shot)

Snapshot_008purplecandyPurple Candy


Sweet Thang Hunts features the Candy Girl Hunt

Published September 20, 2014 by Angel Nider

This is a free hunt and a new sponsor I blog for (thank you so much).  Now, I will be breaking this hunt up in several posts to not overwhelm you with all 40 stops at once.  I do visit each store as you never know what other goodies you may find.  Now unless otherwise specified my hair and poses are from Ploom. So, on with the hunt.

This is what you are looking for:


Makes me want to go buy lollipops.  Now, these are in no particular order and I will add the store names and lms next to them but if you want the whole page as well as the hints it can be found here: http://sweetthanghunts.wix.com/sweetthanghunts


Snapshot_003inkheartInkheart  (eyes)

Snapshot_003karmaskreationsKarma’s Kreations

Snapshot_003vicariousleesVicarious Lee’s Wildthings

Snapshot_003divaliciousSnapshot_005 Snapshot_004b Divalicious Designs  (This gift includes the hair as well as those shoes)

The Wash Biannual Cart Sale with Hanau and Kita’s Sideshow

Published September 19, 2014 by Angel Nider

10l each………….nuff said :) The Wash

Really, not much can be added other than the quality of items for 10l you would be crazy not to run go stock up.   There are tons but I am showing two of my favorites. The hair and poses from Ploom, hurry before that sale ends.

First up Hanau:


And then Kita’s Sideshow:

BeFunky_Snapshot_1633.jpg BeFunky_Snapshot_1632.jpg

The Manga Hunt

Published September 19, 2014 by Angel Nider

This is a 1l hunt and about 30 stops.  All LMs were spot on as well as hints.  Below are just some of the gifties.  My hair is from Ploom (big sale).  The LMs and Hints page can be found here:  http://toxichunts.weebly.com/the-manga-hints.html

Enjoy and see you on the hunt.


Snapshot_1631beesheavenBees Heaven

Snapshot_1631toxichighToxic High

Snapshot_1632fcdesigns Snapshot_1631FCDESIGNSFC Designs

Snapshot_1631d&GD&G and includes the hair

Snapshot_1631glittergirlsGlitter girlsSnapshot_1631sinoriginalSin Original







Snapshot_1632pandapunxPandaPunx skin

Snapshot_1631zoeysclosetZoeys Closet



Snapshot_1632throughthelookinglassThrough the looking glass

{Indyra} Chele and Ploom

Published September 18, 2014 by Angel Nider

Below I am showing some newness from Indyra, which is always lovely.  I also hit the Ploom hair sale so for the next few days I will be trying out all the Hair dos I picked up.  I have also attached the poster pics of Chele just so you can see the many combinations with this outfit.  I love a texture changing hud.  Available in world click here


chele-colors-poster Snapshot_1630 chele-poster Snapshot_1629

The Free Dove

Published September 14, 2014 by Angel Nider

I have never been to the Free Dove before a hunt was posted there which drew me in.  Wow, I wish this place had been here when I first started in SL.  The quality of the freebies there are outstanding.  On top of that they are currently running 3 hunts.  Below are some of the hunt items and a few freebs I picked up. The hair I am showing I picked up there for free and I have never met a hair I would turn down. Here is your ride and enjoy.  Gallii


BeFunky_Snapshot_1628.jpg BeFunky_Snapshot_1627.jpg BeFunky_Snapshot_1626.jpg BeFunky_Snapshot_1625.jpg BeFunky_Snapshot_1624.jpg BeFunky_Snapshot_1623.jpg BeFunky_Snapshot_1622.jpg

Some More Twisted Goodness

Published September 14, 2014 by Angel Nider

So I am still working my way through all the Twisted hunt boxes.  Below is another group of Twisted gifties I picked up. A few of these things will now become part of my home furniture.


Snapshot_1622whimsanwishesWhims and Wishes

Snapshot_1623wickedthingsWicked Things

Snapshot_1622elegantgothThe Elegant GothSnapshot_1622redrumRedrum

Snapshot_1622petiteplunderPetite Plunder

Snapshot_1622punkdPunkD and pose by Co’Motion


Snapshot_1622dekutedekoreDekute Dekore

Snapshot_1622cerostyle Cero Style (skirt moves pic doesnt show the wonders of this)

Snapshot_1622jlzfashionJLZ Fashion

Travel with the Gypsies Hunt

Published September 13, 2014 by Angel Nider

This is a free hunt that just started on the 7th.  For this hunt I went and got new hair from Letutka as posted on my FB feed by  DelaRosa Glimmer (thank you so much) and I think it was absolutely perfect for this hunt.  Also for the piccies I decided to explore the Image Essentials sim. What a beautiful place to take pictures.  Below are just a sample and not all the wonderful gifts available.  See you on the Hunt.

BeFunky_Snapshot_1621bumbershoot.jpgBumbershootBeFunky_Snapshot_1621sky (2).jpgSky



BeFunky_Snapshot_1622souldesigns.jpgSoul Designs

BeFunky_Snapshot_1622shantibohemian.jpgShanti Bohemian

BeFunky_Snapshot_1622euphoria.jpgEuphoriaBeFunky_Snapshot_1622thebrokenglass.jpgBroken Glass

BeFunky_Snapshot_1622briiunderground.jpgBrii Underground

BeFunky_Snapshot_1622bitsyboutique.jpgBitsy Boutique

BeFunky_Snapshot_1622katsdesire.jpgKats Desire


BeFunky_Snapshot_1622twinkleanddazzle.jpgTwinkle and Dazzle

BeFunky_Snapshot_1622mouserabbit.jpgMouse Rabbit



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