Sunday Morning with Peace on Earth and Collabor88

Published December 21, 2014 by Angel Nider

So after getting a few more gifties for the POE hunt I decided I would pop into Collabor88 and well the result was buying half the place.  So all my pics this morning incorporate what I picked up there including that just adorable hair. My poses are from Collabor88 from Marukin. So after I show off the POE hunt items I will show you a close up of the Collabor88 goodies.

So next line up for the POE hunt this morning is as follows.  I really enjoy this hunt every year and will be sad when it is over.

Snapshot_222beautifuldeluxe011. Beautiful Deluxe Cosmetics (eyes)

That cute hair from Tableau Vivant with the animated bunnies and non-animated at Collabor88.

Snapshot_223lyricalbizarre012. Lyrical B!zarre Templates

Snapshot_222omginc013. OMG! Inc

Snapshot_222zanze014. Zanze

Snapshot_222zoz016. -{ZOZ}- (nail polish for Slink hands and Feet)

Snapshot_222nyas017. Nya’s Shop

Snapshot_222vogue018. VoguE Fashion Pulse (bracelets)

Snapshot_222kl039. KL Couture

Snapshot_222alb040. ALB Dream Fashion (Not showing all the other great parts to this outfit including shoes)

Snapshot_222gdit019. GDit Jewelry (ring)

Snapshot_222arisaris041. ArisAris

And now some close ups on the Collabor88 goodies. Here is your ride:

Snapshot_222secondspacesSecond spaces


Snapshot_222trompeloeilTrompe Loeil

Snapshot_222scarletcreativeScarlet Creative

{Indyra} Ooh La La! Holiday Hunt! Dec 15 – Dec 31

Published December 20, 2014 by Angel Nider

Now I love Indyra anyway and to find out there is a free hunt going on, I almost passed out.  There are 17 gifties and good news to those that are not a group member, this is a free hunt to all. It was also hinted that the gifts may change daily so check back.  Now before I show just some of the 17 I picked up let’s get them small details out of the way. My hair is from Truth, both styles.  My skin default is Panda Punx and tattoo from Letis.  So on with the hunt.


The LM is here: and here are some hints for you.

Hint 1: Have several seats
Hint 2: Cat’s Meow
Hint 3: More Cappuccino please
Hint 4: Curtain Call
Hint 5: These boots were made for walking
Hint 6: Paris Lights
Hint 7: Guitar song
Hint 8: “Thank you for calling {Indyra}, how can I help you?”
Hint 9: Chinese Takeout
Hint 10: Designer’s corner – vintage edition
Hint 11: Fights fire
Hint 12: Impossible lavender fields
Hint 13: All packed
Hint 14: Cavity central
Hint 15: Music break
Hint 16: Bottle Service
Hint 17: World traveler

Have fun and see you on the hunt.

Snapshot_221 Snapshot_219 Snapshot_216 Snapshot_212 Snapshot_211 Snapshot_210 Snapshot_209 Snapshot_208 Snapshot_206

12 days of Christmas at ::blah.BLAH.blah:: and Like Designs

Published December 20, 2014 by Angel Nider

I love Christmas for so many reasons but the one of them is the great store and sim hunts.  Case in point this morning I am showing some highlights from ::blah.BLAH.blah:: and Like Designs hunt.  There are 12 items to hunt down and below are just a few.  So before that, my hair (the updo) is from the Advent Calendar from Analog Dog I got at the emo-tions sim (see previous post).  The other hair style is from this hunt and you know I love me some free hair.  Tattoo from Letis and my jewelry is from Chop Zuey for the POE hunt (see post on that hunt).  So enjoy this hunt!! Here is your ride:


Snapshot_204 Snapshot_202 Snapshot_201 Snapshot_199 Snapshot_198 Snapshot_197 Snapshot_196 Snapshot_195 Snapshot_194

Time to Search for More Peace on Earth

Published December 19, 2014 by Angel Nider

Today starts my Christmas vacation so that means I can now finally work more on this great hunt.  This morning I am highlighting just a few more but before we begin must get the lil particulars out of the way.  First, my hair was a freebie (YAY Free hair) from the advent calendar at Emo-tions (lm below) made by Analog Dog.  My eyes as always from Dark Matter and my Skin from Panda Punx and that great tattoo from Letis.  Now my eyes, skin and tat were not free but worth it.  So on with the hunt and see you with more goodies soon.

Snapshot_193chopzuey004. Chop Zuey

Snapshot_193zuri005. Zuri Jewelry

Snapshot_193emotions006. EMO-tions

Snapshot_193snowpaws007. Snowpaws

Snapshot_193danielle008. Styles By Danielle

Snapshot_194vintagejewels009. VINTAGE Jewels

Snapshot_194baboom010. Baboom Couture

Grumble: Jingle Your Balls 3 hunt

Published December 13, 2014 by Angel Nider

Going on now until the end of the month is the Jingle Your Balls 3 hunt.  This is a 1l hunt with 20 Christmas balls to find.  These are all high quality items for 1l, which is kindof like you are ripping them off in a way.  Below I am highlighting some of these.

Now before showing that let’s get the other particulars out of the way.  My outfit I picked up at We Love Roleplay event free from The Plastik.

My hair, well you know I love hair, and currently at .:CHEVEUX:.  They are having a 50% off sale. is the inworld store or if you prefer marketplace here:

So back to the hunt.


The Hint page can be found here: and your ride is here:

So here is your preview and see you out hunting.

Snapshot_192 Snapshot_191 Snapshot_190 Snapshot_189 Snapshot_188 Snapshot_187 Snapshot_186 Snapshot_185 Snapshot_183 Snapshot_182 Snapshot_181 Snapshot_180 Snapshot_179 Snapshot_178 Snapshot_177 Snapshot_176 Snapshot_175 Snapshot_174

Hunting at Brii Underground wear

Published December 12, 2014 by Angel Nider

Right now Brii is having a lil Christmas Hunt for 1l. These outfits include make-up and shoes (for Slink).


There are 15 outfits at 1l each.  Also while I was there I picked up the current dollarbie and some other hunt outfits. So in total I did not spend more than 1l for each.  The ride is here:

Also my hair is from Olive at the Arcade as I was actually able to get in finally.  So enjoy the hunt and while there on the wall are some group gifts too.  See you on the hunt.

Snapshot_172 Snapshot_171 Snapshot_170 Snapshot_169 Snapshot_168 Snapshot_167 Snapshot_166 Snapshot_165 Snapshot_164 Snapshot_163 Snapshot_162 Snapshot_155 Snapshot_146 Snapshot_145 Snapshot_144 Snapshot_143 Snapshot_138 Snapshot_137

Early Morning Hunting looking for Peace on Earth

Published December 12, 2014 by Angel Nider

Good morning hunters. Time to bring you more from this great hunt.  We are almost to the half way point in the month that this hunt runs so if you haven’t started might want to think about getting on that soon.  Below I am showing some more lovelies from this free hunt.  My hair is from Truth (I picked up during a huge sale) and I am also wearing a new tattoo I obtained from Letis on MP.  So on with the goodies and see you on the hunt.


Snapshot_136afidwarfin027. AFI Designs (dress) and 024. Dwarfins (lamp post)

Snapshot_136topazia025. TOPAZIA (dress and doves) and 026. Pixel Perfect Productions (shoes)

Snapshot_136prism023. Prism Designs

Snapshot_136paisleydaisy022. Paisley Daisy

Snapshot_136sassy021. Sassy!

Feel My Sack Hunt

Published December 6, 2014 by Angel Nider

Below are just some of the highlights of this 1l hunt.  There are about 23 stops and some really cool stores participating.  My antlers are from Grumble (Dont you pout Gacha/hunt).  My hair is from truth.  All the LMs and hints can be found here:

So, enjoy the hunt and see you on the trail.

Snapshot_135karmaskreations#01 – Karma’s Kreations

Snapshot_135brii#04 – Brii Underground Wear

Snapshot_135blahblahblah#06 – Blah Blah Blah

Snapshot_135freebird#08 – Free Bird – Adult

Snapshot_135grumble#09 – Grumble ( Adult ) (hat with built in antlers)

Snapshot_135firelightcreations#10 – Firelight Creations

Snapshot_135purplecandy#14 – Purple Candy

Snapshot_135ingeniousfantasy#15 – Ingenious Fantasy (Red lipstick)

Snapshot_135marambee#16 – Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop

Snapshot_135redrose#18 – Redrose Jewellery

Snapshot_135vipcreations#20 – VIPs Creations

Dark Matter for Twisted Krissmuss and O.N.E. store closing

Published December 5, 2014 by Angel Nider

So I took at little break from hunting to start the Twisted Krissmuss shopping trail.  If you don’t know anything about it all the stores basically from the Twisted hunts put out exclusive items for 100l.  All of the LMs can be found on the sign at any of the stores.  I started at Avatar Bizarre:

Today I am showing the offering from Dark Matter. The skull and crossbones mask.  I already wear their eyes so this is perfect.  Tp on over for that and check out those eyes for 20l each set.


Now as I was doing this I get word of a store closing, in 3 days actually.  The O.N.E. store inworld is closing down for now.  Haven’t been there, that is a shame.  She makes low prim high quality items.  Below I am showing you some chairs I picked up in the Gacha 75l a play.  As you can see, not sure if I want to be a Boss, Evil Princess or a Killah.  *Shrugs* I guess I can be all three. So hurry and get there before it closes:

I am also showing a cute lil outfit I picked up at P3 while doing the Gacha there (see my previous post on that gacha/hunt trail). You can find it near the cute shoes Gacha.  Pixel Perfect Productions

And last but not least, my hair is from Truth (huge sale). So until I see you next post.  Enjoy.



You Better Not Pout Christmas Gacha Hunt

Published December 5, 2014 by Angel Nider

What a novel concept.  First you hunt for the lil Gacha and then you play the Gacha.  Two of my weaknesses rolled into one.  Now I am just showing a few highlights below.  You can find the complete LM list with hints and pictures of the items here:

The one thing I always say about hunts is you get introduced to stores you have never been too before.  I have done many hunts and still find new stores.  The case in point today is Ryba Design. So while playing the gacha prize there I picked me up some new jeans which I paired with a top from Grumble.   They even have a lil yard sale area with gachas.

My hair is from Truth and my eyes from Dark Matter.

Anyways, this post I am highlighting the following:

.twenty13.                          <P3> – Pixel Perfect Products                PMS – Pimp My Sh!t

Something New                Ryba Design                                                 Grumble

!NFINITY                           RD Style

.K-Otic.                               DramaZone

So get out hunt and Gacha and enjoy.

Snapshot_132infinity Snapshot_131 Snapshot_130 Snapshot_129 Snapshot_127sn Snapshot_127t13 Snapshot_127kotic Snapshot_127dramazone Snapshot_127pms Snapshot_129grumble Snapshot_128 Snapshot_127ryba


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