[[A.R.C.+F.N.]] and Pixel Perfect Productions Hello Titty Hunt

So I started the Hello Titty Hunt, which is free, and just skipped to two of my favorite stores.   First up I am showing [[A.R.C.+F.N.]] gifties for this hunt and she has two variations.

Snapshotarcfn_002 Snapshotarcfn_001

Then we have <P3> Pixel Perfect Productions.  Now with their giftie I paired their new group giftie shoes, who says you can’t wear boots and be sexy. Currently the group is free to join.  See you on the hunt.

Snapshot_003 Snapshot_004

Breaking from Hunts to bring the Newness from {Indyra} Academie!

I love anything that comes with a texture hud, you never know what color mood you are in and this newness from Indyra has just that.  The top, pants and adorable aluminium case come with a hud to suit whatever color mood you are in. I am also showing the group gift from .:CHEVEUX:.with texture changing hud for the bows as well.  Below I am showing some different variations and Indyra never fails to produce awesome stuffs.  Here is your ride: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Namaste%20Isle/189/127/27


Snapshot_1563 Snapshot_1562 Snapshot_1561 Snapshot_1560 Snapshot_1559 Snapshot_1558

Its Time to Get Spanked at Grumble

Yes that’s right, its the Get Spanked Hunt 2 at Grumble.  You are looking for a lil ruler, there are 20 of them to find.  At 1l each what a deal.  And not to leave the men out there are men’s objects too.  What are you waiting for get to Grumble.  Here is your ride:   http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Grumble%202/129/163/30

Snapshot_1557 Snapshot_1556 Snapshot_1555 Snapshot_1554 Snapshot_1553 Snapshot_1552 Snapshot_1551 Snapshot_1550 Snapshot_1549 Snapshot_1548 Snapshot_1547 Snapshot_1546 Snapshot_1545 Snapshot_1544 Snapshot_1543 Snapshot_1542 Snapshot_1541 Snapshot_1540 Snapshot_1539 Snapshot_1538

Dance with Me Hunt

This is a mini store hunt at NS2C for 1l each, 5 for girls and 5 for boys.  If you have never done any of their hunts good news, all past hunts are on the table to purchase.  Also I am showcasing a new hair by LNS Designs.  The  version which I am wearing is at 47ls and there is a purple version on the lucky chairs.   Here is your ride:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Grace/86/211/125

Snapshot_1537 Snapshot_1536 Snapshot_1535 Snapshot_1534

Royalty Hunt

So September has begun as has a new batch of amazing hunts.  The first one I did today was the Royalty Hunt.  This is a 1l hunt.  You are looking for a crown.  LMs and hints can be found here: http://pickledegghunts.blogspot.nl/p/blog-page_22.html.  Now most times first day of hunt some stores won’t be ready.  This is the case with this hunt a few not ready and some lm’s were broken and I couldn’t find the stores.  My hair in each pic is from Magika and below are just a few of the gifts I picked up.  Have fun and see you on the hunt.


Snapshot_1533 Snapshot_1532 Snapshot_1531 Snapshot_1530 Snapshot_1529 Snapshot_1528 Snapshot_1527 Snapshot_1526 Snapshot_1525 Snapshot_1524 Snapshot_1523

Red Queen’s Card Hunt

This is a 1l hunt and wow at the gifts in store.  I was inspired to do the hunt after buying my new hair/hat from fantasy collective (see previous post).  I encourage you to use the LM/hint list found here http://inkantationhunts.blogspot.com/ and enjoy.  I purchased the sky box at Potpourri Designs for 50l to take my piccies in and below are just a few of the goodies you may find.  Enjoy and see you on the hunt.


Snapshot_1520 Snapshot_1519 Snapshot_1518 Snapshot_1517 Snapshot_1516 Snapshot_1515 Snapshot_1514 Snapshot_1513 Snapshot_1511 Snapshot_1510 Snapshot_1509 Snapshot_1508 Snapshot_1507 Snapshot_1506 Snapshot_1505 Snapshot_1504 Snapshot_1503 Snapshot_1502

Lazy Sunday with Plastik

Below is one of the outfits Plastik is offering for this Lazy Sunday and at 75l you won’t be disappointed.  I am also showing a new hair from Tableau Vivant not free from the Fantasy Collective.  Hair is the one thing I will over spend on and it comes with that cool hat.  So everyone enjoy your Lazy Sunday.


Snapshot_1501 Snapshot_1500

Dirty Diva Hunt

This is a free hunt with 52 spots Anything girly applies… clothing, jewelry, shoes, and accessories!  Below is just highlights from the first 20 stops I have done.  Of note the first giftie from Divalicious includes the hair as a gift too!  Here is the blog with the information: http://sweetthanghunts.blogspot.ca/


Snapshot_1495divaliciousDivaliciousSnapshot_1495dirtylaundryDirty Laundry


Snapshot_1495SAHSAHSnapshot_1495cheekychibiCheeky Chibi

Snapshot_1495deadlymouseDeadly MouseSnapshot_1495corruptedCorrupted

Snapshot_1495mochistylesMochi StylesSnapshot_1495bump&coBump&Co