Newness and Sales at Dark Matter

Published October 26, 2014 by Angel Nider

Dark Matter has some new stuffies plus sales.  As seen in my previous posts I am all about the eyes lately it seems and Dark Matter comes through again.  So lets just see what goodies we can obtain this week from Darkmatter


First up this cute lil halloween outfits:

Snapshot_095New this week is a halloween dress for the ladies!  It has the typical lolita shape and comes in 5 standard mesh sizes and fitmesh.  Each set is L$30, except for the fat pack which is L$150.  All are M/C/NT.  Please try the free demos first. Come on 30l it is practically free.

Snapshot_092Femmeboy Fashion Sales
Starting Mon Oct 27 and ending Wed Oct 29, the following items will be on sale:  L$15(normally L$20) 15l wow and they will have two other items for sale as well.

Snapshot_093My 60L Secret
Starting Friday Oct 31 and ending Mon Nov 3. It comes with those amazing wings as well.

Snapshot_094 I paired the previous skin with this sexy outfit which will also be 60l.

The Boo! Bunny Hunt 3: Conclusion

Published October 26, 2014 by Angel Nider

Well sadly this is the last installment of this great hunt.  The Boo! Bunny was oh so good to us this year for halloween.  If you still haven’t done this hunt you better hurry it ends soon.  At the end of my final list of stores there is a bonus.  After you get the last candy there is a hint to find a hidden treasure place with 20 additional gifties from the sponsors. I am showing just a few of these at the end.  My hair is a freebie from Tableau Vivant, group gift which is still free to join and my eyes from Dark Matter, 20l a set whata steal. All my piccies taken at home as I was gifted from my family a goth sim created by Luna Bliss.  Until the bunny emerges again for another hunt enjoy your SL.

Snapshot_080nrdesigns74. NR Designs

Snapshot_080firefly75. Firefly

Snapshot_080dreamscapesartgallery76. Dreamscapes Art Gallery

Snapshot_080B!asta77. B!ASTA

Snapshot_080lovelesscreations78. Loveless Creations

Snapshot_081 Snapshot_080kellikreations79. Kelli Kreations

Snapshot_080amazingcreations80. AmAzInNg CrEaTiOnS

Snapshot_080alyshop81. Aly’s shop

Snapshot_080chstore82. -ch- store

Snapshot_080thewetspot84. The Wet Spot


Some of the bonus gifts:

Snapshot_089b Snapshot_088b Snapshot_087b Snapshot_086b Snapshot_085b Snapshot_084b Snapshot_083b Snapshot_082 Snapshot_080

The Boo! Bunny Hunt 3: Stores #56-72

Published October 25, 2014 by Angel Nider

Well almost done with this hunt and good thing, time is running out before it is over. If you haven’t even started yet better get on it.  This hunt ends the 31st.  Again there are some stores missing due to dropping.  So, on with the show and see you on the hunt.

Snapshot_064inkheart56. Inkheart (eyes)

Snapshot_064luxuriant57. + [ l u x u r i a n t ]

Snapshot_064b58. Les sucreries de Fairy

Snapshot_066minxdesigns60. Minx Designs

Snapshot_066libbys61. LIBBY’S HOLIDAY STORE

Snapshot_066loks62. Lok’s Low Prim Furniture

Snapshot_066horr63. Horr Menswear

Snapshot_064redrum64. +REDRUM+

Snapshot_066freebird65. [ free bird ]

Snapshot_066frenchlick67. ::The French Lick & Bunneh Gestures:: (gestures)

Snapshot_066glowdesigns69. Glow Designs

Snapshot_066freakflag70. Freak Flag

Snapshot_067n Snapshot_066nocturnalsiren71. Nocturnal Siren (There are three candies at this store)

Snapshot_066inwonderland72. In Wonderland (This is a wandering banshee that just well wanders around)

Purple Moon Group Gift and Store hunt

Published October 24, 2014 by Angel Nider

Purple Moon has surpassed their normal group gifts with this outstanding outfit free for the group.


And on top of that, they are currently having a small store hunt for their group members.  There are 20 baskets, each free for group, to be found.  Below are just some of the highlights.  There are earrings and necklaces as well. If black is your color you will love this.  My hair previously posted from Tableau Vivant.  Enjoy this great group.

Snapshot_062p Snapshot_061p Snapshot_060b Snapshot_059p Snapshot_058p Snapshot_057p Snapshot_056p Snapshot_055p Snapshot_054p Snapshot_053p Snapshot_052p Snapshot_051p Snapshot_050p Snapshot_049p

The Boo! Bunny Hunt 3: Stores 41-55

Published October 24, 2014 by Angel Nider

Now there are a few stores that had to drop in this line up.  Below I also have one entry for Men’s, I blame lack of coffee this morning for putting it on but I thought hey I took the time might as well take a piccie of it.  My hair in all pics is from Tableau Vivant.  My eyes are from Dark Matter.  Their eye sets are like 20l a set what a steal.  Anyways, enjoy this next line up and always see you on the hunt.


Snapshot_064dandelionwine42. [DandelionWine]

Snapshot_064shadowdreams43. Shadow Dreams

Snapshot_064stitchescreations44. Stitches creations

Snapshot_064manjosSnapshot_065b46. Manjos

Snapshot_064deadlymouse48. *Deadly Mouse*

Snapshot_064deadlymousemens49. *Deadly Mouse* (Men’s)

Snapshot_064kawaiicouture50. [: Kawaii Couture :]

Snapshot_064mattieraestextures51. Mattie Rae’s Textures

Snapshot_064vivi53. ViVi & Hair Day

Snapshot_064omginc54. OMG! Inc.

Snapshot_064darkmatter55. Darkmatter

Boo! Bunny Hunt 3: Stores 23-40 (half way done)

Published October 18, 2014 by Angel Nider

It is another beautiful day and another day hunting for candy.  That Bunny sure is clever.  Now on this post I decided to not try to wear certain objects as they are better seen on the hunt piccie than on my Avi.  We are half way through, which is kinda good on one side but kinda sad on the other.  My hair in these piccies I picked up from the Mystic Realms fair from Analog dog.   As stated before hints and lms found here:

So, on with the show.

Snapshot_003firelightcreations23. Firelight Creations

Snapshot_003dollface24. ::DollFace::

Snapshot_003kabuki25. Kabuki Creations

Snapshot_003petiteplunder26. Petite Plunder & Immortals Inspirations

Snapshot_003angelicseductions27. Angelic Seductions

Snapshot_003quoththeravenn28. Quoth The Ravenn

Snapshot_003theferretandhedgie29. The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee

Snapshot_003pbdesigns30. PB Designs

Snapshot_009h Snapshot_008h Snapshot_007h Snapshot_006h Snapshot_003h Snapshot_003blahblah

31. blah.BLAH.blah  (This store gift is the top and all those headbands)

Snapshot_010fiscreations32. Fi’s Creations

Snapshot_010jazzitude33. :jazzitude:

Snapshot_010egoxen34. Egoxentrikax

Snapshot_010p335. <P3> – Pixel Perfect Productions (This piccie does not do justice to this cute head band)

Snapshot_003transkewed36. Tran-Skewed

Snapshot_011zinner37. Zinner Shapes

Snapshot_003inkblots38. Ink Blots

Snapshot_003kiokopup39. *kiokopup* (Book end)

Snapshot_003laboheme40. La Boheme

Envious Group Gift and Huge Sale

Published October 17, 2014 by Angel Nider

Below I am showing the current group gift from Envious and while picking this up to my great surprise there is a huge 70l sale outside.  These are a steal but hurry sale will end on 10/31.  My hair is from Analog Dog at the Mystic Realms Fair and my shoes I picked up in a Gacha at the Krave Graveyard Gacha event from Divalicious.


Here is your ride to Envious see you there!!


Snapshot_091 (And even more not shown in pic for sale)

Madness continues with Boo! Bunny Hunt Stores 7-22

Published October 17, 2014 by Angel Nider

Its another day and another hunt for that lil piece of green candy that Boo! Bunny has dropped.  As a note there is one store in this set I didn’t show.  #8 from K&B is a Kpod (Addams Family) with lil headphones.  Now on with the next installment.  LM list and hints found here and see my previous post about my hair and such.


Snapshot_089yayandstuffYay and Stuff

Snapshot_089opal9. OPAL

Snapshot_089kaithleensSnapshot_08910. Kaithleen’s

Snapshot_090candn11. C&N Designs

Snapshot_090veromodero12. Vero ModeroSnapshot_090plowwies13. *plowwies*

Snapshot_091heydra14. HEYDRA

Snapshot_090banglesandbabules15. Bangles and baubles

Snapshot_090finishingtouches16. *Finishing Touches*

Snapshot_090sky17. Sky

Snapshot_0907deadlyskins18. 7 Deadly s{K}ins (skin gift)

Snapshot_090vipcreations19. Vips Creations (Clowns are really creepy)

Snapshot_090cynners21. CYNNERS

Snapshot_090bacivillage22. ***baci village***

The Boo! Bunny Hunt 3: Stores 1-6

Published October 15, 2014 by Angel Nider

Yayyyyy!!! That evil ole mean Bunny is back and at my favorite holiday time.  And once again because this is such a huge hunt I am breaking down my posts and allowing for any specials I may trip upon while hunting.  So before I begin lets get the old basics out of the way.  My hair was previously posted from RA, my poses from Ploom.  As a freebie side note my make-up is from Sn@tch.  They currently have a grab bag fishing thingie going on go check it out.  Now……..takes a breath and here we go.

B!BH3 BANNER Here is the poster you should see in front of each store. You are looking for a green piece of candy.   This is a free hunt with 80+ stops.  The Hint page with lms can be found here:


Snapshot_089grumble1. Grumble

And also at Grumble they have some cool Boo Bunny Gatchas


Snapshot_089pdnspotpourri2. PDN’s Potpourri (cool stepping stones)

Snapshot_089virtualtexturesVirtual Textures

Snapshot_089looloo's&platypus4. LOoLOo’s & Platypus

Snapshot_089toxichigh5. *ToXiC*H*

Snapshot_089naughtynaughty6. Naughty Naughty


See you on the next round!!

Introducing Dark Matter

Published October 12, 2014 by Angel Nider

I would like to introduce one of my newest sponsors, Dark Matter.  They meet all my criteria of places I blog, freebies, lucky chairs, hunts and great group gifts.  Below I am showing a few of their latest items. They have anything you may want in a store, eyes, skins, textures, clothes, and shoes.  Now if you read my coverage of the Into The Darkness hunt you will see the cool boots they have as their giftie.  Below I am showing their newest release, school girl.  Also you will see a pic of one of the sets of eyes they also have.  Now, the big news………..those incredible halloween boots…..are FREE.  Yep you heard right Free at the Dark Twisted Fantasy event.  Now honestly how can you pass that up. So make your way to the Dark Twisted Fantasy Events, ends soon I believe and get to Dark Matter.  /Dark Matter/ Main Store–Voltaire Signal Corps VSC HQ, Business District Bravo  (60, 42, 23)


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