New From {Indyra}

Below are two new outfits from Indyra.  Both of my hairs were freebs at the Hair Fair, but anyway back to these extremely cute outfits.  We have La Vie (first one shown) and Atlantium.  As always there is a wide range of colors to choose from and the La Vie comes with those adorable hair flowers.   Here is your ride:



Store Highlight !Soul

This is a new store to me.  On top of a ton of group gifts all the outfits are 99l or less. These outfits include shoes and bags/accessories with them.  Below are two that I picked up for 60l.  You should definitely go check them out.  Now they have 2 groups, one free and one 60l.  Here is your ride.


Snapshot_1423 Snapshot_1422

Super Villain Hunt and Hair Fair Freebie

So I finally went to the Hair Fair.  I wanted to wait until the rush had calmed down to go and it killed me to wait.  On top of the tons of freebies hair I did spend a ton of money there.  It is for a good cause so I dont feel to bad.  So to highlight one of the free hairs from Mina I continued on my Super Villain Hunt trek.  This is gift number #2 from Nightmare Designs.  This hunt is 1l and I am loving it so far.  See you on the hunt.


Starting Super Villain Hunt

I just started this super villain hunt, which is 1l, and it is starting out to be great.  The starting point is Shanti Bohemian.  Below is their gift for this hunt.  While there you will find tons of good deals as well.  There is a wall of previous hunt gifts at 50l each and mania boards throughout.  Here is your ride and enjoy hunting:



New week At Lyfe of Style with Addiction

This round has a bunch of summer goodies.  I am highlighting Addiction this week.  They are offering jean skirts, jeans, and some simply adorable tops.  Don’t forget this only lasts a week so hurry and get yours and at 75l you just can’t beat these deals.  Here is your ride:



Around The Grid Hunt Abrasive giftie

So a new hunt started today and I am real bad about skipping down to stores I like first.  So that being said my first showcase giftie is from [abrasive]. This hunt is 1l and wow what a deal this outfit is.  The socks alone are awesome.  I have two piccies below.  The total outfit and a close up of the socks.  Also the not free item I am showing are new shoes from {severed garden}.  Here is your ride to abrasive:



Goodies from Karababy

I have some goodies from Karababy.  First the freebie is the USA inspired dress:

Snapshot_1398 And to go with this cuteness I picked up the clogs for 10l which are for Slink.

Snapshot_1399 Now excuse how my feet look, SL today decided it didnt like my feet at all.


While there I picked up a rare gacha outfit below:


If you have never been to Karababy the store is packed with cheap goodies.  Here is your ride:

Bad Girl Vs Good Boy Hunt

This Month NS2C flips the coin and gets those Bad Ladies to show their Bad and sexy side versus the Good Boys that probably will turn bad after the ladies take a bite at them so there will be 5 items for the ladies 4 dresses and a pair of boots and 5 items for the guys complete good boy looks from top to bottom each will be at 10 linden and the ones that hunt all 5 of them will continue to get a free outfit from the store if they send a notecard or IM to the store owners…easy deal as always…have fun and happy shopping.  I am showing the girls side minus the shoes.  I still haven’t taken off my shoes from Grumble at the Naughty Nitch Fair as well as the necklace.  Hair from Magika.  Here is your ride to the hunt:


Snapshot_1396 Snapshot_1395 Snapshot_1394 Snapshot_1393